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American basketballer Enes Kanter further criticises China over Uyghur human rights abuses

Torture, attack, compelled hatchling evacuations and disinfections, family segments, abstract confinements, coldhearted detainments, political re-preparing and obliged work.There have been endless reports of China abusing and breaking the normal freedoms of the Uyghur people in its western Xinjiang locale.Chinas said these cases are “absurd” and has on and on denied …

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Airstrikes in Tigray force UN flight to abandon landing and turn back, aid workers say

Ethiopian experts appear, apparently, to be uplifting the threatening techniques against help workers amidst the heightening, broadened Tigray war. A dangerous conflict launched out among Tigrayan and Ethiopian government controls last November, and enormous number of people have since been killed and different million inhabitants have been constrained to get …

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